Newly Elected Leaders of Indonesian National Student Movement must Reconciliate All Ranks immediately

Ambon B-ONEINDONESIA The 21st Congress of Maritime of Indonesian National Student Movement (GMNI) has officialy been closed on Tuesday (12/3/19) at 18.00 in The Christian Centre, Ambon. The clossing ceremony was attended by the Governor of Maluku, Murad Ismail.

“Congratulations to the newly elected Chief and secretary, Imanuel Cahyadi and Sujahri Somar” , said the governor during his speech in the closing ceremony.

Governor Murad stated that the whole process of Congres was a success due to the help of each stakeholders in Maluku. He valued all the democratic procedures of Congres without any intervention as worried previously.

“Imanuel cahyadi and Sujahri Somar has been elected as the new Chief and Secretary of Indonesian National Student Movement for 2019-2022 through acclamation. This procedure is completely lawful as it followed the standing order agreed in the first plenary session”, Maria Fatima, Chief of GMNI Sumedang Branch confirmed.

Maria assured that the plenary sessions of Congres went soliticiously despite some differences in arguments amongst the delegates. The committees and delegations strived for a democratic process in order to reach a final agreement.

“Each element trusted the new leaders to prioritize the reconciliation and stengthening the Unity of GMNI before initiating the organizational matters” Maria highlited.

She wished the cabinet to be accomodative and representative of all the branches in Indonesia. In her opinion, a leader must be able to embrace all members and elements in GMNI following The unity doctrin and bring progresive betterments for the organization.

“In this disruptive era of industrial revolution, the unity of Soekarno and Nationalist cadres is extremely important whilst still accentuate the critical-dialectical thinking according to the teaching of Marhanism, which is collaboration,” Maria stroke assertively.